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Our story success is scattered with challenges that we had to face throughout the journey; each challenge was a new opportunity which made us better and stronger. Unlike other mushroom consultants, we are the only high-tech mushroom farm consultants who have seen the complete life cycle of mushroom business. We have set up our own high-tech farm, we have our own spawn lab, and we cultivate and market our mushrooms and that gives us the expertise we claim.

Below you can find some common challenges a mushroom cultivator may have to face .


Non-availability of quality spawn

The quality of mushroom is highly dependent on the quality of the spawn / the seed. Non-availability of quality spawn is the most common and serious setback a mushroom farmer may face.

How we can help

At Leena’s Mushrooms, we test, sort and hand-select high-quality First-generation mushroom spawns of various strains at our own quality checking facility. We use these spawns at our farm to yield high-quality mushrooms all year round. We are constantly trying out various strains of mushrooms from different parts of the country in our endeavour to identify and use the best spawn. We also provide these to anyone who needs quality

Starting without proper know-how

To succeed in any business, especially in mushroom cultivation, you need to have a proper understanding of the various challenges and equip yourselves to face and overcome them. In the initial stages of Leena’s Mushrooms, we also had to face some setbacks, we learned from it and we have been guiding small farmers to get through the initial struggle.

How we can help

We offer a decade worth of expertise, knowledge and understanding of the business to the budding mushroom cultivator by providing training on mushroom farming. We also provide onsite farming consultancy services through which we can direct you away from unnecessary losses and setbacks and put you on the right path towards successful farming.