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About US

Who is Leena's Mushroom?

Leena's Mushroom Farm started as a small establishment focusing on producing quality mushrooms in 2012. Today we are a farm with a production capacity of 200 kilograms per day, and we market our mushrooms out to more than 100 retail shops around Ernakulam district. Our state -of-the-art spawn testing facility has the capacity to produce two Tonnes of high-quality spawn a month. We are on the constant lookout for new ways of nurturing and cultivating both edible and medicinal mushrooms. We provide training classes for aspiring mushroom farmers. We provide consultancy services for setting up farms.

What services do you provide?

Leenas Mushroom Farms provides the following services:

  • Fresh mushroom supply.
  • Mushroom spawn.
  • Farm installation/consultancy services.
  • Ready to grow mushroom beds
  • DIY mushroom grow pellet kit.
Where are you located

We are located India at Mamalakavala on Piravom -Maneed Road of Ernakulam district. Click here for location.

Can I visit your farm?


Spawn related

Do you sell Spawn?

Yes, we have regular stock of oyster HU variety first generation

Do you have other varieties other than oyster spawn?

There is regular production of Oyster mushroom spawn. We have a wide variety of edible and medicinal mushroom spawns in our culture bank like Ganodrema lucidum, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Lion's mane, Pink/King/Yellow Oyster etc. and more. These spawn varieties can be made on pre order in bulk quantities.

How can buy mushroom spawn online

You can buy mushroom spawn through whatsapp chatbot or our website. This short video explains how to buy spawn through whatsapp chatbot. Please ensure you enter the address details correctly to ensure smooth delivery.

Do you have Cash On Delivery?

Currently we do not offer cash on delivery.

How to make payment

You can click on [this link] ( Once you click the link, you can make payment through Gpay, Credit Card, Netbanking etc. You can make direct payments via Google Pay to the number 9947427268, through UPI ID 9496591144@okbizaxis or through bank transfer. Here are the account details:

  • Account Number: 120000046670

  • IFSC: CNRB0002857

Do you send spawn through courier?

Yes, Indeed. We dispatch mushroom spawn through courier services.

Do you deliver all over India ?

Yes, we deliver mushroom spawns across India to support your farming needs.

What is the minimum packet size and Rate

Our minimum packet size is 300 grams, priced at Rs.45 per packet. To place an order, the minimum quantity is 2 packets, and the total cost, including courier charge, is Rs.180.

How long will it take for shipping and delivery

We ship the items within 2 days of order placement. After we ship, delivery typically takes 3 to 5 working days after depending on the distance and the courier partner.

Do you offer home delivery?

A: Most of the time India Post is the courier partner and home delivery is assured. However, home delivery policies may change for other delivery partners depending on your location. At present, home delivery cannot be guaranteed. Once we ship the item, the dispatch details will be shared with you along with the tracking ID for further action from your end.

I bought mushroom seeds, how to use them ?

The seeds come in a 300-gram packet. You can use them to create two beds by mixing with either rubber sawdust or paddy straw. The methods for using the same are given in the video .

The mushroom spawn can be stored outside for up to one week. For longer storage , you can refrigerate it, and it will remain viable for approximately 2.5 months.

Can I buy fresh mushrooms online ?

Unfortunately, we do not sell mushrooms online due to the risk of drying or damage during transportation. However you can buy our fresh Mushrooms from any of the Retail outlets in Piravom , Muvattupuzha, Thripunithura , Mulanthuruthy, Peruva, Ettumanur, & Kothamangalam.

Pellet Related
What is pellet technology in mushroom growing/farming

In this method, the raw materials (saw dust ) are compressed into small pellets, creating a substrate with consistent texture and nutrient composition. The pellets are then inoculated with mushroom spores or mycelium. This technology offers several advantages, including improved handling, reduced contamination risk, and enhanced control over environmental conditions.

What is pellet starter kit

Ans: "The Pellet Starter Kit is easy to use. Simply follow our detailed instructions provided with the kit. With this method, there's no need to treat sawdust separately; it's already treated and compressed for your convenience."

The Pellet Starter Kit includes:

- 1 packet of spawn

- 2 kg of pellets

- 2 PP covers

- 1 micropore tape

With this kit, you can create 2 beds, providing everything you need to kickstart your mushroom cultivation journey.

How to use pellet starter kit

Sanitize your hands and surface before making the bag

Step 1: Take 1 Kg Mushroom Pellet in 12x18 or 12x24 inch PP Bag

Step 2: Add 1.5 L of boiling water

Step 3: Fold the Bag top

Step 4: Allow the Bag to cool down at room temperature

Step 5: Add 150g spawn to the bag

Step 6: Mix well so that the spawn gets evenly distributed

Step 7: Tape the top of the bag with micropores tape

Step 8: Incubate for 15-20 days for the spawn running in a cool place

Step 9: Make an X cut in the bag for pinning of mushroom

Step 10: Spray water on the cut region for growing mushroom

What is the cost of pellet starter kit

The cost of the our pellet starter kit is Rs.350/ , inclusive of courier charges anywhere in kerala

Do you supply bulk pellet supply

Yes we also supply bulk quantity pellets. Each sack contains 25 kg of pellets, providing ample supply for your mushroom cultivation needs.

Do you deliver bulk pellets all over India ?
DIY grow kit-Growroom
What is Growroom®

Growroom is our brand. We provide organic beds along with essential nutrients to support the growth of healthy mushrooms. You can easily purchase our products through our website or via Whatsapp API

What is the cost of Growroom®

The cost of Grow Room is Rs.250/ plus courier charges for delivery anywhere in india.

How to use Grow Room

Place the bags in a well-lit area to grow, but not in direct sunlight. Light is not necessary. It is fine to leave your kit in the dark overnight.

· Make slits in the plastic bag as depicted in the cover.

· Temperatures of 24 - 27°C are best for oyster mushrooms. Temperatures above and below may reduce yield, change shape, color, and increase time of appearance of mushrooms.

· Mushrooms will sprout out of the holes in 10-15 days. Water by spray misting on the surface once a day. In this case you would be watering the plastic bag with the slits in it. When the small oyster mushrooms start sprouting, increase watering to 2-3 times a day depending on the outside humidity. Do not overwater the mushrooms as their keeping quality drastically reduces by extra water on mushrooms. Secret of good quality mushrooms is humidity (80-85%) rather than irrigation. Air circulation is necessary for normal mushroom growth. The lack of fresh air will prevent mushrooms from growing and produce long stringy mushrooms.

Harvesting - harvest by twisting slowly one complete turn to free them from the growing medium. Be careful not to damage the growing mediums' surface. Do not cut the mushrooms off, because this leaves a stump to rot, which can later inhibit the fruiting of the next crop. Harvest mushrooms when young and the colour starts becoming lighter. Overmature mushrooms cannot be stored.

· Harvest the mushroom on the 3rd day after pinning. Four harvests will get from a mushroom bag at an interval of 10-20 days. This mushroom bag has a life of 4 months.

Do you ship grow room to all over india

Yes, we ship Growroom to all over india

I bought a grow room. It was received with something which looked like a fungus , is it ok ??

Yes, it's normal. The material you see is likely mycelium, which is the vegetative part of the fungus. It's a positive sign that your Grow Room is actively cultivating mushrooms.

Ready to grow mushroom bed
What is ready to grow mushroom bed

A ready to Grow Mushroom Bed is pre-prepared substrate containing mushroom spawn and nutrient

What is the minimum order size
What is the weight of beds
What is the courier charge
How to use ready to grow mushroom bed
Do you provide training for mushroom cultivation?

Yes, we offer online training for mushroom cultivation.

I want to start mushroom farming , how to start ?

There are plenty of training Free training resources available on youtube like this channel A V Mathew - YouTube , Agricultural universities provide training from time to time. The link to free training videos are [here] ( We provide training in collaboration with Manorama Horizon, the link for signing up for training Mushroom Farming Course For Beginners | Manorama Horizon.

Do you give training

Yes we offer training classes online to provide guidance on mushroom cultivation. For more details about our training classes, please visit our website.

Do you provide offline training ?

Currently we do not offer offline training at our farm.

Growing /damage/Practical problems
Shed Construction related
What are the different types of mushrooms spawn/seed you provide

There is regular production of Oyster mushroom spawn. We have a wide variety of edible and medicinal mushroom spawns in our culture bank like Ganodrema lucidum, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Lion's mane, Pink/King/Yellow Oyster any of the spawn varieties can be made on pre order in bulk quantities.

Mushroom Grow Room construction / Consultancy
Do you construct mushroom farms for outsiders?

Yes we provide farm installation services. Our mushroom farm installation services require a minimum area of 500 sq. ft. For a visual reference, here is the Youtube link toour model farm:
To know more, please contact 9947427268

What is ready to grow mushroom bed

A ready to grow mushroom bed includes pre-inoculated substrate with mushroom spawn, essential nutrients etc. This convenient kit eliminates the need for separate preparation. We inoculate the bed , ensure a healthy spawn run , and send you our mini Grow room® . All you have to do is Keep the Grow room in a cool place away from sunlight and sprinkle some water and harvest and use the freshest mushroom straight from your own Grow room.

Uses of Mushrooms

What are the different types of edible mushrooms available? oyster, milky

Why should we eat mushrooms?

Nutrient rich: Mushrooms are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Low in calories: They are low in calories, making them a healthy option for weight management.

Boosts immunity: Certain compounds in Mushrooms may enhance the immune system.

Heart health : Mushrooms may contribute to heart health by helping manage cholesterol levels.


More details can be found at ….

How to cook mushrooms

For detailed mushroom cooking recipes, you can visit our website recipe blog , We have made a playlist for mushroom recipes, here is the link we have a variety of recipes to help you make the most of your mushrooms in delicious and creative ways.

How many days will it take to ship my spawn after booking?

After booking , your mushroom spawn will be shipped within 3 to 7 working days.

Which courier partner do you use ?

We use DTDC , Alleppey Parcel service and Indiapost as our courier partners for shipping your mushroom spawn orders

Do you deliver to all over India ?

Yes, we deliver mushroom spawn all over India.

What is the weight of one mushroom spawn packet

Each mushroom spawn packet weighs 300 grams.

How much mushroom bed can be made with one packet spawn ?

With one packet of mushroom spawn weighing 300 grams. You can create two mushroom beds.