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45 +Courier Charges

Mushroom spawn, weighing 300 grams

  • Mushroom spawn
  • weighing 300 grams
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Grow room®

250 + Courier Charges

Mini Grow room® , Open , Spray Water and ready to harvest

  • Grow room®
  • Instruction
  • Sprayer
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Ready to Grow mushroom Bed

800 (5 bags, including courier charges )

Suitable for small farmers , mushroom beds with 15 days of spawn running. Minimum 5 beds order needed.

  • 5 numbers Ready to grow bed size 17cm diameter x 22 cm length
  • weight 1.2kg
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Pellet Cultivation Starter kit

350 including delivery charge (in Kerala)

This all-inclusive kit is designed to streamline and enhance your mushroom growing experience.

  • One packet spawn 2 kg pellets 2 pp cover 1 micropore tape
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Mushroom Farm consultancy & construction

Please contact on phone for more details

Our Mushroom Farm Consultancy & Construction services

  • We specialize in constructing farms and giving initial support by supply of ready to grows beds
  • spawn and other raw materials needed. The minimum area requirement is 500 sq ft
  • which will have a capacity of 2000 beds.
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The right spawn

The quality of mushroom is highly dependent on the quality of the spawn / the seed. Non-availability of quality spawn is the most common and serious setback a mushroom farmer may face.

Fresh mushroom


Grow room® (Individual mushroom Grow Kit)

Inoculation (adding seed to the bed ) and spawn running are the difficult phases of mushroom growing , this sets people off from mushroom farming , we do that for you . Introducing our Mushroom Grow Kit – a convenient and organic solution that includes everything you need for successful cultivation. From spawn to nutrient-rich medium, it's designed for an easy and fruitful mushroom growing experience. We inoculate the bed , ensure a healthy spawn run , and send you our mini Grow room® . All you have to do is Keep the Grow room in a cool place away from sunlight and sprinkle some water and harvest and use the freshest mushroom straight from your own Grow room.

Mushroom Grow kit -Grow room®
Mushroom Grow room with half grown mushrooms
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